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Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park, covering an area of about 9,065 sq. km, holds a wide range of habitats, wildlife and a young mountain scenery unique in Kenya, spectacular showcase of recent geological activities.

This vast expanse of savannah, lying equidistant between Nairobi and Mombasa and linked with Tsavo East National Park along the Mombasa Road, is a vibrant volcanic arena painted by green hills, lava flows, springs and large permanent rivers.

Tsavo West, far more varied topographically than its neighbor Tsavo East, is the more famous of the two parks, which forms, with the adjacent Chyulu Hills National Park, one of the largest national parks in the world. With the Kilimanjaro sitting on its flank, this recent volcanic area abounds in hills/mountains (like the Chyulu or Ngulia hills and Chaimu crater), in lake/rivers/springs (Jipe lake, Tsavo river and Mzima springs) and other geological particularities such as lava flows (Shetani flow), caves (Shetani caves) and outcrops rock and ridges (Roaring rocks). All these landmarks and nature treasures erupted millions years after the energic shake up of the earth of Tsavo.

Chief among Tsavo West National Park's attractions is the Mzima Springs, replenished with millions of liters of crystal-clear water every day, from the underground streams stemming from the Chyulu Hills located 50 kilometers away. Mzima forms a haven for a rich wildlife pageant which include elephant, hippo, crocodiles, gazelles, zebra and giraffe wandering around the banks through the thick acacias and raffia palms together with hundreds of chattering monkeys and birds.

Another attraction in Tsavo West is the Rhino Sanctuary At the base of the Ngulia Hills, this is is a fenced area established to protect and conserve the rare black rhinoceros and is now a sanctuary to more than 50 rhinoceros. The sanctuary can be visited by car as few roads are crossing the reserve and black rhinoceros are often seen in the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary among other animals

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